How it works

1. Pick what you want. 

With the help of our clients, we can actually read minds! Well, sort of. We start where the overwhelming majority of clients want to start: with a consultation. We give you three types to pick from: Phone call, Meeting, and FaceTime. Some are free! Once you pick your consultation, you have two options. First, you pick our response time. Second, you pick your attorney. You can experiment with the options and see how the cost varies.

2. Buy what you want.

After you pick the consultation you want, you can buy it right here. And guess what? You already know how to do it! At least if you've shopped online before. Think about what the buying experience is like on Amazon. You buy here the same way you buy there: Add it to your cart. Checkout with your contact and payment information. And confirm your order. The only thing different here is, we're selling a service, not a product.

3. Get what you want.

After you buy the consultation you want, you will get a confirmation email. So will we. That way we'll both know what's what. Then we put things in motion. We will open a file and do the obvious: what we said we were going to do. Your assistant will contact you and get things ready. Then your attorney will contact you for the consultation. When? Based on the response time you picked. Does that make sense?

The first criminal defense firm on the planet with an online store!

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